Keys to Abundant Life, Inc. is an extension of Kyira’s character and her strong beliefs. She is a mentor, a huge proponent of individuals’ living their best lives as well as an avid yogi, and an alkaline vegan.  Keys provides healthy culinary classes, fun, interactive culinary competitions and health & wellness workshops, including sports to students, families, and professionals remotely and in-person.  Additionally, Keys provides academic support and enrichment activities ranging from SAT prep, Financial literacy to Gaming.  


“To empower individuals to live healthier and happier lives by teaching healthy culinary classes and practical lifestyle skills.”


 Kyira A. Harris, CEO of Keys to Abundant Life, is a certified Health and Nutrition Consultant. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received her certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in 2005. She received her Master of Arts degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after graduating from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.  Her passion for health & nutrition, her piqued interest into the holistic nutrition field by her naturopathic doctor and her strong curiosity and inner knowing that there was a direct connection between her 0 – 5-year-old populations’ language deficiencies and functioning led her to explore the world of health & nutrition, and she never looked back.  

Our Activities 

(All of our activities are offered virtually and in-person as per Covid-19 allowances)


Our hands-on cooking classes are exciting and innovative. We incorporate subjects such as English, Mathematics, Geography, and History. 

We encourage teamwork and independent thinking. Students test their skills by participating in the annual Culinary Competition and exploringexciting restaurants on culinary-related field experiences. 

We teach Mommy/Daddy & Me, all student-level, family, adult & corporate culinary classes.

Professional Workshops and Parent Development

Some of our workshop topics focus on stress management, sugar, basic nutrition, seasonal eating, basic healthy living, exercise, financial health, career health, and specific diseases/illnesses.


Enrichment Activities

Our enrichment activities are super engaging.  They teach our participants real world subjects and strategies that can be applicable and functional in life.

These activities stimulate both the right and left brain hemisphere skills improving artistic abilities, problem-solving skills, creativity, coordination, etc. 

Youth development and social-emotional skills are taught and strengthened.  Some of our activities include financial literacy, chess, barbering, braiding & weave-making, cosmetology – makeup artistry & nails, skincare, dj-ing, art, YouTube/media, social media, editing, Boss Up entrepreneurship/leadership course, Social Justice, martial arts, yoga, gaming/coding, piano.



Sports and Fitness Activities

Our activities are fun, interactive and result-driven classes.  Some of our activities include basketball, soccer, physical fitness, dance, Zumba. 

The participants are taught the rules, foundations, and histories of the sports and dance.  The fitness classes teach the anatomy of the body

Academic Support

Our academic support services include SAT prep, math tutoring, ELA tutoring, science, and Regents prep.


Town Halls

Our high-spirited segments motivate participants to push past adversity and conquer their dreams.  Inspiring themes related to curricula, current events and present-day state-of-affairs are taught by powerful leaders. 

Participants interact in games and exercises that bolster the theme.


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