When is the last time you supported a Black farmer?

Despite the agriculture industry steadily growing, Black farmers in the United States have declined over the last century with just 1.4% of farmers identifying as Black or mixed compared to 14 percent 100 years ago.

This month, as you’re considering all the wonderful Black businesses you’ll support, don’t forget our Black farmers.

Not sure where to start? Here are three things you can do:

1. Buy from Black farmers. Stroll through farmers markets in your community to connect with Black farmers selling local produce.

Take action: Ask if there’s a subscription or membership you can opt-into to receive their goods year-round. 

2. Follow Black farmers on social media. Being a part of these communities can help you learn more about Black farmers, the challenges they face and how we can support them.

Take action: Join a Facebook group or follow an Instagram page to find local Black farmers in your community. Buying from Black farmers ensures you’re shopping local and practicing seasonal eating – which means you’ll have access to fresh produce that’s in season.

3. Donate to nonprofits that help Black farmers. Another way to help Black farmers is to contribute to nonprofits that provide legal services and technical assistance to them.

Take action: Providence Farm Collective (PFC) supports Black, immigrant, refugee, and low-income farmers in Western New York who cannot otherwise access farmland. Be empowered to learn more about this organization or research organizations in your community to support.