Eating healthy can be a challenge when you add on other responsibilities that take our time and attention. Between parenting, working, finding time to exercise, and socializing, figuring out what to eat everyday can become a chore.

Here are a few tips we’re sharing to help you make small, easy adjustments to your diet and routine:

  1. Roast your entire meal on one sheet pan

Ditch the dishes and opt in for meals that include ingredients that can be roasted on one pan, making it easier for you to cook and clean up afterwards.

  1. Serve meals with a side of greens

Filling your plate with a simple side of greens is a great way to help with portion control, whip up a quick meal that doesn’t take much time and allows you to use leftover fruits and vegetables from your fridge.

Pro tip:  A little olive oil, sea salt and pepper make the perfect vinaigrette!

  1. Choose whole grain products.

When you don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch, making small adjustments can make a difference in the overall quality of your meals. For example, if you normally pack sandwiches for lunch, try swapping white bread for 100% whole wheat or whole grain products. Similarly, there are burger and hot dog buns, taco shells and tortillas that have great whole grain options.

  1. Freeze Fruit and veggies for smoothies

Do you have fruits and veggies that are about to go bad? Store them in the freezer and use them to whip up a quick smoothie.

Pro tip: Portion your fruits and veggies by serving when you freeze them, so all you have to do is pop it in a blender. Make sure that green veggies make up the majority of your smoothie for it to be considered healthy.

  1. Tap into those food hacks

Food hacks can make cooking fast and simple. Do you love fresh garlic but hate the pain of peeling it? Place the flat side of the blade on top of the garlic cloves (with the peels on) and firmly bang it with your fist. You will easily be able to separate the garlic from the peel. You’re welcome!

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