Crafting Your Way to Abundance with Gratitude Jars


Every Thanksgiving, my family like many others, gathers around a delicious meal for an afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship. Without fail, each year, we make our way around the table each sharing what we are most thankful for. It’s an annual tradition that brings us closer and grounds us in gratitude as we are reminded of the many reasons for which we have to be thankful. Among the blessings mentioned at dinner are usually family, friends, health, and recent successes, but our everyday lives are filled with so many more opportunities to be grateful.

 With Thanksgiving and our annual expressions of gratitude only a week behind us, I want to challenge you all to make gratitude a part of your everyday lives because, in the words of best-selling author, Eckhart Tolle, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” By purposefully focusing on the aspects of life that inspire gratitude within us, we can each create a more optimistic point of view and a life of intentionality, positivity, and abundance. It is a domino effect that begins with a daily commitment to identifying the big and little victories that bring you joy.

 What are you grateful for today? Once you have that thought in mind, say it aloud or journal it, and share it with someone you trust. Now, think about your daily routine and set aside a time to feel and be grateful every day.


Create a Gratitude Jar

As the holiday season continues and the countdown to a new year begins, this simple self-care craft could be a great addition to your next socially distanced or virtual holiday event. Just round up your friends and your favorite craft supplies and give thanks!

  1.       Choose a container. It will be used to store your gratitude statements. You can use a jar, box, paper bag, vase, or a dish. Your “jar” can be new, used, or repurposed. I prefer to use a transparent container so I can watch the jar fill up with positivity.
  1.   Find paper. I like to use a colorfully patterned journal or scrapbooking paper, but you can use whatever type of paper you like – notebook, printer, etc. You can pre-cut the paper into small sections for your daily gratitude statements or rip off a piece daily.


  1.   Visit your local craft store for supplies to design your gratitude jar. Take your time and create something you like because you will be using it every day. Get creative and consider purchasing paint and a few brushes, stencils, stickers, artificial or pressed flowers, jewels, ribbon, hot glue, and a glue gun. You may want to check Pinterest for design ideas.
  1.   Finally, craft your way to abundance with gratitude! After finding the perfect jar, deciding what kind of paper you want to use, and gathering your decorations, it’s time to get creative with designing the exterior of your gratitude jar. Once you are happy with your designs, write down something you are thankful for on a piece of paper and place your gratitude jar somewhere you can see it. I place my gratitude jar on my nightstand next to my bed so I can write down what I’m grateful for each night and wake up with this reminder affirming the joy and abundance I have in my life. Each day during your designated time to be grateful, add at least one statement.
  1.       Optional – You may also want to try journaling weekly about your gratefulness journey. Document positive changes about your attitude over time and take note of signs of abundance you begin to attract.


We would love to see your gratitude jars and know what you are thankful for! Take a photograph of your masterpiece and tag us on Instagram at @ktabundantlife.