Did you know February isn’t the only month to love and appreciate your partner? April is Couple’s Appreciation Month! There’s no time like the present to show your partner how much they mean to you. No matter how big or small the gesture, love is best felt in action. So, here are five ways to intentionally connect with your partner all month long.

Have a Romantic Dinner

Dinner at Home: Cook a new recipe together or order in, and enjoy a cozy dinner at home. 

Pro tip: Turn off the electronics, curate a playlist of your favorite songs, and make it an experience.

Try a New Restaurant: Venture out to a local spot in your neighborhood for a new dining experience. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a fancy restaurant, create new memories together. 

Pro tip: Who says you can’t do both? Treat your partner to a fancy dinner at home and then take them out for dessert.

Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy nature walks, scenic hikes, bike rides, or simply sit by the ocean together. 

Pro tip: Pack a picnic with your favorite snacks to add to the adventure.

Do-it-Yourself Projects

Get creative with a DIY project like scrapbooking. Print out photos, gather mementos, and create a custom scrapbook to cherish your favorite moments together.

Pro tip: Don’t have any mementos to scrapbook yet? No worries! You can start collecting things now and save this activity for the Fall.

Spa Day at Home

Set up a spa-like atmosphere with calming music, candles, and soothing oils. Treat your partner to massages, facials, and a relaxing bath for a rejuvenating experience.

Pro tip: Get creative and make a homemade face mask using a mix of natural  ingredients like avocado and honey.


Surprise your partner with heartfelt notes with doodles, inside jokes, or memories to make each note special.

Pro tip: Leave sweet messages tucked into their bag, on the bathroom mirror, or under their pillow to brighten their day unexpectedly.