Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from having a New Year’s Resolution. So can your kids! Taking the time to think about, create and work towards achieving a goal helps children appreciate their accomplishments throughout the year even more and teaches them the importance of persevering through challenges.

Here are some practical ways you can help your kids make actionable goals for the year ahead:

  1. Share Your Resolutions with Your Kids

The best way to help your kids create their own resolutions is to share some of yours with them! Throughout the year, you can update them on how you are progressing in reaching your goals. This will motivate them to continue working on their own goals and show them step by step how to be intentional about achieving their resolutions.

  1. Create Categories to Help Guide Your Kids in Creating Their Resolutions

Creating goals can be overwhelming even for adults. Help your kids get started by coming up with three or four broad categories like personal goals, friendship goals, helping goals, and school goals—and let them fill in the specifics.

  1. Keep Your Kids’ Goal List Short and Measurable

Introducing too many goals at one time can be overwhelming for your kids. Breaking their goals down into easy, bite size steps will make it easier for them to reach them and boost their confidence in the process. Similarly, setting goals that can easily be measured helps your child reach it sooner and recognize when they’ve met the goal. Here are some examples:

  • I will help more around the house… by setting the table for dinner.
  • I will improve my reading… by reading 15 minutes before I go to bed.
  • I will eat more healthful foods… by eating one fruit at breakfast and one vegetable at dinner.

Take things one step further and establish 1 or 2 goals you all want to accomplish as a family. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Try a new restaurant once a month
  2. Visit a relative more often
  3. Plan a family trip – maybe to Disney World 😉
  4. Pick up trash at your local park
  5. Donate used clothes and toys to a shelter

No matter what your family decides, the true goal is to accomplish it together.