Holiday Memory Giveaway

The 2020 holiday experience thus far has been out of the ordinary, to say the least. While some people have found ways to modify their holiday festivities with virtual parties and social distancing, many have and will remain largely disconnected from their loved ones this season. With the end of the pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions still uncertain across the nation, I am aware that many of us feel a little discouraged and saddened by the thought of all the ways this year fell short of our expectations.

As the season comes to an end and we begin to head into a new year, I want to encourage you to take a moment to be still and reflect on the holiday memories that have made you the happiest over the years. This year may be different from others, but we can each find a bit of bliss in exchanging memories with those we love.

One of my dearest memories is that of my mother’s love for the smell of pine trees. Each year on December 23rd (and sometimes Dec. 24th), my brother, father, and I would go out and buy a tree. Part of that tradition would be my father’s cursing fit while assembling with our janky Christmas tree base. His back would eventually go out, and he would dramatically lay out on the floor. I am laughing with tears streaming down my face as I imagine these one-of-a-kind moments. On Christmas day, I would always be the first to wake up, then my brother. We would eventually wake our parents who would meet us in the living room to open gifts.

Every Christmas morning my mother made breakfast, and later in the day, it seemed like the whole family came over to celebrate at our house. Decades later, the sheer thought of these memories fills me with joy. These are the holiday memories I will cling to for hope and strength this year.


Although COVID-19 has limited our ability to celebrate face to face this year, it has also challenged us to identify new and creative ways to uplift and inspire one another.

As always, Keys to Abundant Life is here to walk alongside you as you strive to live your best life, and I understand that the strategies we use as motivation to keep moving forward must change with the times.

So, in light of the holidays and as a token of appreciation for your continuous support and participation in Keys programming this year, I am hosting a special holiday giveaway!

Three winners will be randomly selected to receive a Keys to Abundant Life apron.

To enter, follow us on Instagram @ktabundantlife or Facebook @keystoabundantlife, like our post highlighting this blog and share a holiday memory in our comments section by December 24th.


Happy holidays to you and yours, and GOOD LUCK!