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make this mother’s day special

In anticipation of next Sunday, display racks across the country are filled with flowers, perfumes, balloons, greeting cards, and jewelry any mother would love.

Many of us have already purchased gifts to present to our mothers, grandmothers, and godmothers this Mother’s Day, but if you are a part of the group still struggling to decide how to uniquely show your appreciation for the mothers in your life, keep reading! Keys to Abundant Life is here with advice on ways to make your mom and motherly figures smile in a different way this year.

The tradition of Mother’s Day as we know it dates back to the early 1900s. It became a national holiday when Anna Reeves Jarvis, social activist, and community organizer campaigned for the celebration she inherited from her mother to become a national holiday dedicated to honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children.

She believed that American holidays were overwhelmingly male-focused and was inspired to write to newspapers and politicians across the country to adopt the special day for mothers.

With the help of her persistence and the support of the Mother’s Day International Association, Mother’s Day finally became a national holiday in 1914.

Not-so-fun Fact: By the time of her death in 1948, Anna Reeves Jarvis had completely disowned Mother’s Day. She was so disappointed by the transformation of the holiday’s focus from a personal celebration between families to a day of buying flowers, cards, and candles that she wasted almost all her wealth campaigning against the holiday she spent decades promoting.

Mother’s Day, like many other commercial holidays, was never intended to be celebrated with store-bought gifts. So this year, why not celebrate Mother’s Day a different way? Don’t know where to start? Try one of these free heartfelt expressions of love to get back to the root of what Mother’s Day really means.

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Give her the gift of time

Mother’s Day was intended to be a day when people visited their mothers and accompanied them to church.

Even if you decide to buy gifts for the woman who raised you, don’t forget to pair them with the gift of your time.

Spend the day with her doing something she enjoys like cooking, dancing, watching movies, or scrapbooking to name a few.


Write her a heartfelt letter

Instead of purchasing a card this year, tell your mothers and nurturers how much you love them in a handwritten note, letter, or poem.

Make it extra special when you sign it, seal it, and have it delivered directly to her mailbox for an added surprise.

Mothers, both traditional and non-traditional, make countless sacrifices without thanks to seeing their children succeed.

She will cherish the words of your appreciation forever.

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 Make her a gift

COVID-19 has inspired many of us to adopt new hobbies like painting, candle-making, gardening, and a host of other DIY projects.

Use your newfound talents and passions to give your mom something hand-made or homegrown.

If you are a plant parent, start planning for next year by learning how to grow her favorite vegetable or propagating one of your house plants.

By 2022, it should be ready for a bow!

Give her a show she’ll never forget

Want to get your loved ones involved?

Gather your siblings, cousins, and friends for a special performance of one of these 30 Best Songs to Play for Your Mom on Mother’s Day.

For those of us who have stage fright, make a thoughtful playlist of Mother’s Day tunes or her favorite songs.



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I hope these tips help make this year’s Mother’s Day a different kind of special.

As we continue to push through the effects of the pandemic, we must all work together to find innovative ways to connect and care for the people we love. Happy Mother’s Day!