Don’t let a wild ride on the holiday gravy train derail your 2021 health journey as you reach the finish line. This holiday season purge the urge to splurge at any winter holiday celebration with Keys to Abundant Life’s tips on portion control.

The key to successful portion control during any time of year is minimizing the temptation to overeat. It may seem impossible to commit to with Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve party invitations piling in, but don’t worry! You can RSVP and take Keys’ list of portion control tips as your plus one.

Minimize Temptation at Holiday Celebrations

Subscribe to these tips this holiday season:

Arrive full – Eat before the party, and don’t come too hungry.

Steer clear of the appetizer table – Avoid munching on bottomless snacks by limiting your time around the appetizer table. Try a few and keep moving.

Don’t wait all day to eat – Have breakfast and lunch as usual. Waiting all day to eat increases your chances of overeating at the party.

Eat slowly – Savor each bite of your favorite holiday cuisine with mindful eating. Chewing longer, taking time to smell your food, and enjoying it improves digestion and helps you better tell when you are satisfied.

Use a small plate – Small plates limit how much food you can pile on. You can always get seconds if you are still hungry.

Fill up on veggies – When in doubt, have more vegetables. Salad is always a good go-to for any occasion. You can even lead the way by bringing a salad or another delicious vegetable-based dish to the potluck.

Drink wisely – Sparkling wine is festive, lower in calories and sugar than beer, liquor, and wine, and is served in a smaller glass. Avoid binge drinking, and more than anything, drink water!

Participate in an activity – After everyone eats and cleans up the food, host an activity to transition from mealtime to social time. Get moving, share memories, play a team game, do trivia, or take group photos.

And lastly, as a party favor, a few healthy holiday reminders:

  1. Celebrate with a plan.
  2. There is no naughty or nice list to healthy eating.
  3. Your priority is to have fun!

Happy Holidays!