Tapping into Your Sister Circle

 “One woman is a tiny divine spark in a timeless sisterhood tapestry collective” – Jan Porter

 Whether you are connected by blood, grade school memories, professional associations, shared hobbies, or shared struggles, sisterhood is one of the most valuable tools a woman can have in her toolbox. 

The Value of Sisterhood

 Sisterhood is often used to describe the relationship between biological sisters or best friends, but as we celebrate Women’s History Month, I want to encourage you to expand your idea of sisterhood to consider ways you can be more supportive to women inside and outside of your inner circle.

 Sisterhood is simply a community of women linked by a common interest. Think of all the networks you belong to with other women who have similar goals. You will quickly realize that your sister circle is infinite, but have you ever fully tapped into it?

 One goal I know we all share is for the advancement of women’s rights. That in itself makes us part of a global community of women working both actively and passively to strengthen our capacity and influence in society. But in addition to the global sisterhood we all share, we are each part of a multitude of smaller communities of women with shared personal and professional goals.

 In your sisterhood are women in your neighborhood, your organization, your line of work, your fitness group, your book club, your gardening club, and the list goes on. However, like any relationship, there is work to be done to make it valuable. True sisterhood is a bond built by trust, understanding, consistency, and love; and the best way to create these relationships is simply to communicate and stay connected.

 There are many ways to get and stay connected to your sister circle. To inspire some ideas on how you can enhance your connection to women in your communities, here are a few tips on tapping into your sisterhood that can be used while social distancing.  


    Establish communication – The first step in building any relationship is to establish communication. This communication can be verbal, written, or nonverbal, but the important thing is that the women in your communities know that you are there to provide support when needed. Next time you are walking in your neighborhood or tending to your yard, wave or exchange a kind word with the women who pass by. Initiate conversations with the women in your professional and social groups. Find out about their passions and skills. As you get to know one another more with every exchange, you will discover ways that you can help each other.

      Participate in movements that impact your sisterhood – Although the pandemic has limited our ability to gather in person, we are still connected by phone, email, and social media. It is by taking advantage of these tools that community activists have been able to continue their work despite COVID-19. Another way you can support the sisters in your circle is to contribute to the movements that impact women you know because what impacts one, impacts us all. While social distancing, you can still use your own passions and platforms to share stories, spread the word about injustice and community initiatives, donate to worthy causes and those in need, and offer a hand whether it be resources, information, or volunteerism.

      Get together – After a year of working remotely, transitioning to virtual meetings, and Zoom celebrations, I think it is safe to say that most of us have gotten the hang of gathering online. Use this newfound skill to stay connected to your sister circle. Whether you get together for a mental health check-in, to discuss a common interest, or to plan world domination, it is important to fellowship often with your sister circle.

       Some of the most notable advancements in women’s history were birthed from groups of women with shared determination, not to mention the unsung heroines who have worked together to support one another in holding together families and communities all over the world for centuries. Be encouraged to find, nurture and love your sister circle.