Tricks for Treats: Starting off the Holiday Season with Healthy Habits


The holiday season is right around the corner! Kicking it off next week is the infamous Halloween. It’s the national day for ghouls, goblins, and goodies. Today, let’s talk about ways to start the holiday season off with healthy habits. Get in the healthy holiday spirit by swapping out sugary Halloween treats for fun tricks that are sure to satisfy your family’s, friends’, and colleagues’ holiday cravings.

As always, the key to making it through the holidays while maintaining your commitment to a healthy lifestyle will be finding a balance. Since Halloween in your city may be a unique experience for you and your children this year, it could be a fitting time to introduce new healthy snacks to all your trick-or-treaters. Be open to trying new things but maintain a sense of normalcy by identifying one or two traditional Halloween treats for your family to share in moderation. I have been an alkaline vegan for several years and I still dive into my cravings on Halloween. Every year, without fail, I indulge in my once-a-year guilty holiday pleasure: candy corn. Feel free to enjoy your favorite sweet here and there but be especially mindful of your junk food and candy consumption during this time of year as you prepare for a string of holiday festivities. Find your must-have Halloween treat and replace the others with some of these healthier alternatives:


  • Apples
  • Clelmentines
  • Bananas
  • Pretzels
  • Organic fruit snacks and juice boxes
  • Popcorn
  • Plain Cookies
  • Non-food items like small toys, stickers, rubber balls, erasers, or glow sticks
  • Use spooky vegetable and fruit cutters for at-home treats
  • Make your own variation of candy corn fruit pops to enjoy as a family



Take a look at these creative Healthy Halloween Food Ideas for inspiration on how to use fruits and vegetables to make an assortment of Halloween themed snacks and desserts.

Most importantly, continue taking COVID-19 precautions on Halloween and for the remainder of the holiday season. Minimize indoor gatherings, wash your hands frequently, and find creative ways to celebrate with family and friends while social distancing. This year, try a virtual costume contest or organize a Halloween scavenger hunt for the kids in your family to find their tricks and treats around the house.