Let’s talk about intention. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines intention as:

in·​ten·​tion | \ in-ˈten(t)-shən \

a determination to act in a certain wayRESOLVE

We often hear the word used in the context of wellness in phrases like “intentional living or “intentional eating”. Simply put, living with intention is a conscious attempt to live in accordance with your values, your beliefs, and at Keys to Abundant Life, your goals.

Earlier this month, in our blog, Mindfulness: More than Meditation, we talked about mindful eating, a tool that can be used to intentionally increase your productivity, improve your mood and focus, boost your energy, and manage your diet throughout the day. Today, we’re giving you tips on how to start your mornings with intention.

80% of Americans say they check their phones within the first ten minutes of waking up. What you may not realize is that doing so opens up the flood gates of distraction for the day. Set the tone for a smooth day before you are bombarded with texts, work emails, and social media updates that can:

  • Reveal bad or alarming news that affects your mood
  • Make you feel anxious or rushed
  • Influence your self-esteem
  • Distract you from your priorities

It’s important to give yourself enough time to complete your full morning routine, fuel your body, and focus your energy before connecting with the outside world.

Here are 10 Intentional Things You Can Do Each Morning

  • Make your bed – Start your day with an organized mind and living space.
  • Drink a warm beverage – Drinking a cup of warm water in the morning before breakfast will jump start your internal system and flush out any toxins that built up in your body overnight.
  • Set your intentions for the day as you get ready – Brush your teeth, wash your face, shower, and do your self-care routine before you start scrolling on your phone. Get out of your pajamas and into fresh clothes fitting for the day’s tasks. Changing clothes helps you transition from rest hours to work hours.
  • Stretch or take a walk – Relieve any tension in your muscles and get your blood flowing with a calming stretch. Light exercise in the morning helps boost your energy and sets the tone for a day full of healthy choices. Go solo or invite the family and pets for morning exercise.
  • Meditate/Journal – Write out your thoughts and feelings about the day ahead or try one of these 9 Different Ways to Meditate for a few minutes each morning.
  • Eat breakfast – We all know the benefits of eating breakfast but preparing it and having it alone without technology can be much needed quiet time before starting a busy day.
  • Express gratitude – In addition to journaling in the morning before your day is shaded by an unknown number of stressors and distractions, you can also add to your gratitude jar. Showing gratitude daily is proven to improve your outlook on life and to attract abundance your way.
  • Write a to-do list – Planning your day can be vital to increased productivity and personal growth. It allows you to plan for your priorities and gives you a blueprint for the day that can easily be adjusted.
  • Review your schedule for the day – Allow yourself time to check for any deadlines, meetings, downtime, errands, social commitments, or personal plans so you can mentally prepare and plan your transitions from one obligation to the next.
  • Read – Use your morning “me-time” to do some leisurely reading or to gain knowledge toward a new interest or skill. Reading in the morning before your daily social media stroll increases the chance that you will actually do it and thus reach your goal.

“The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”

– Steven Covey