Women’s History Month is a time where the world recognizes the strength, fortitude and perseverance of women. It’s also important that during this month we take time to remind women that there is also power in them just – being. Not having to perform, not having to show up, but just loving themselves as they are. 

This blog is dedicated to every woman who needs a reminder that it’s okay to rest. 

Many women are under constant pressure to be everything to everybody. To be good mothers, wives, daughters and friends. Consider this your nudge to also be good to yourself. You deserve as much love as you give.

This blog is dedicated to every woman who has supported another woman.

We’ve heard about revolutionary women like Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Angela Davis, and Shirley Chisholm. There are also so many other women who are part of our communities who are not recognized for the impactful ways they show up in the world every day. 

To the woman who became a manager at work so that she could help train other women to rise in rank too; to the woman who decided to start her own business so her children would know it was possible; to the woman who put her dreams on the back burner so that her family could thrive; to the woman who decided she didn’t want to conform to society’s expectations of her… 

We see you, and we honor you!